Multiple award-winning
Pelvic Floor muscle re-trainer

Pelviva® has been clinically proven to have a life-changing impact on women’s quality of life.



Pelviva is the first of its kind to provide one combined treatment for both stress and urinary continence.

It offers women a clinically effective, safe and discrete treatment for bladder leakage. Each single-use, disposable intra-vaginal device contains a unique microprocessor that delivers Reactive Pulse Technology to the Pelvic Floor muscles, causing them to contract, mimicking the way the body works naturally. This course of treatment helps to restore speed and strength to the power fibres, preventing bladder leakage when women cough, laugh, sneeze or exercise.

How Pelviva Works

Pelviva is comfortable, discreet and easy to use at any time of the day, allowing it to be incorporated into any busy lifestyle.


Pelviva’s unique Reactive Pulse Technology stimulates and re-trains Pelvic Floor muscles. Each 30-minute treatment delivers up to 25% greater penetration of the deep pelvic muscle than conventional stimulation.


To activate, you simply remove the pull tab to activate the battery; this allows a 10-second delay before the treatment starts, giving plenty of time for insertion.


The body responsive foam is soft, lightweight and can be easily compressed to position inside the vagina. It is worn completely inside the vagina and the soft foam adapts to fit each individual woman’s shape, a lot like a tampon.


Each Pelviva runs a 30-minute programme providing a series of 10-second pulses and rest periods. These pulses are designed to target both types of Pelvic Floor muscle, power and endurance.


Each device contains a unique microprocessor that delivers Reactive Pulse Technology to the Pelvic Floor muscles, causing them to contract. Pelviva automatically adjusts the level of intensity upwards or downwards to reach and maintain the therapeutic target.


When the treatment has finished, Pelviva is easily removed by pulling gently on the cord. After each use, Pelviva is simply disposed of.

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*Recommended usage is one treatment every other day for 12 weeks.



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