Reasons to Invest in Femeda Ltd

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Colin Willis from Hotspur Capital shares 5 reasons why he invested in Femeda Ltd, the company about to launch Pelviva – a disruptive medical technology to help treat female urinary incontinence.

A growing global market that is the single largest condition in female health. 1/3 of women suffer from the urinary incontinence (UI) condition and with an ageing population incontinence, products are the fastest growing category within the major healthcare retailers.

This market is not being addressed with no new market innovation for 20 years. Current mainline solutions and interventions include incontinence pads, panty liners, mechanical devices and pessaries which focus on alleviating issue rather than treatment. The other solutions are drug treatments, all with side effects, and surgery, the last resort for the majority of females, which has is no longer option with mesh implants being banned or restricted in some countries.

Clinically effective, Pelviva® offers the first practical treatment. It is a disposable discrete treatment for UI that fits in with a women’s lifestyle and works. In a clinical study involving 123 women, 84% reported an improvement in their UI using the product.

Patents and regulatory approvals are in place. A Class IIa medical device status has been achieved, in Europe, and initial positive meetings have been held with the FDA. 26 granted global patents across four patented families with extensive Geographical Coverage to 2035. Ongoing post-marketing clinical programme to generate a pipeline of additional claims.

Commercialisation commences in the second half of 2018. This is a late stage opportunity ($20m spent in development to date), with stock being built for an initial limited launch to health professionals in the UK. Direct model, retail and out licensing, per country, discussions are in progress for 2019 to scale the business to meet its potential to be $1bn+ global opportunity.